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Simon Says Stamp Sucks

I’ll never shop at Simon Says Stamp again.

I recently purchased one stamp set from Simon Says Stamp and paid $6.99 in shipping. I understood before placing the order that they have a flat rate shipping policy but I assumed they would send the stamp set via priority mail and I wanted the set quickly. When I received the item almost a week later, I saw that it was sent via first class mail (which probably cost them about $2.00 including the cost of the envelope) instead of priority. That means I overpaid the shipping by about $5.00. I contacted the company with my concerns and they just kept quoting the company line and refused to refund me the $5.00 or even offer a store credit.

I have spent a lot of money at Simon Says Stamp and assumed they would want to keep a good customer. Obviously I was wrong. But I promised them not only would I never shop there again, I would publish a blog post about my experiences in hopes that other people come to the same conclusion that I did. I understand there is more expense to shipping orders than just the cost of shipping; they have to pay people to prepare the orders for shipment. But choosing to send an order via first class mail when the customer has more than covered the cost of priority mail is inexcusable and I refuse to subsidize their poor business practices.

After I ordered the item from them I found the same item at another online store (Marker Pop) and it was not only about $2.00 cheaper, their shipping costs were much more reasonable. So I encourage you to shop at Marker Pop and to avoid Simon Says Stamp for your crafting needs. Let’s send the message that we’re not going to overpay for shipping anymore.

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