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Sorry it’s been so long since I’ve posted anything. Not too much happening around here; I’ve just been working out and walking my dog, trying to get in shape for The Big Trip. I found this graphic on Facebook and it really hit home with me. I’m not completely anti-social. I mean, I have friends and family who I socialize with on a regular basis but I’m not one of those people who will strike up a conversation with a stranger. In fact, it kind of pisses me off when strangers expect me to. I’m just not interested in idle chit-chat with someone I don’t know. I don’t really see the purpose and I don’t want to expend the energy to be that charming. If someone engages me in public I will generally respond in a nice way but I do nothing to further the interaction. And sometimes I’m sure I appear downright rude because I’m just not interested in talking with someone I don’t know. If I’m at the store it’s for a purpose and meeting new people is NEVER that purpose. I just want to get in, get out, and move on.¬†One time, while purchasing a bag of shredded cheese, a woman looked at what I had selected and commented that the store brand was cheaper than the name brand I had in my hand. Mind your own business, woman!

My social muscles, however, are being exercised along with my body muscles these days. The all-female gym that I attend is full of older women who view their time at the gym as a social hour. They’re never out of breath or work up a sweat because they’re barely working out. The main body parts that get exercise are their mouths. And that’s fine if they want to pay $35 a month for a social outlet (and some movement is better than none), but get out of the way of those of us who are there to work out. The gym consists of a number of machines, each separated by a walking pad, set in a circle. It’s circuit training: you start by walking in place on a walking pad for 30 seconds, then you move onto a machine for 30 seconds, then back to a walking pad, etc. There is music playing and a recording of a woman telling you when to move to the next station. Some of these ladies stay on the machines for longer than the 30 seconds so it kind of gums things up for those of us who move when we’re prompted. They’re so busy talking, they don’t always hear the indication to move on. Or some of them don’t like a certain machine so they will switch to the next activity before they’re supposed to. It’s kind of annoying. On top of that, they seem to think that everyone there wants to engage in conversation. I’m there to workout as hard as I can, not make new friends. But I’m nice back to them and smile and pretend everything’s fine. That part of the gym has been about as challenging for me as the actual exercise. However, I’ve been pretty much a hermit for the past few years so I suspect it’s probably good for me to learn how to interact with people again.

Not all of the interactions are nice, however. My face and head sweat a lot when I’m exercising, which is embarrassing to me. A couple of these wonderful women have pointed out how much I sweat and I just kind of wanted to walk away and never come back. I consider it to be kind of rude to point out how much someone is sweating. I mean, what’s the point of that? I just smile at them and say, “Yep! It’s how I know I’ve gotten a good workout. If I didn’t sweat, I wouldn’t feel like I was really working at it.” Of course the women I say that to aren’t sweating a bit because they’ve been running their mouths instead of their feet.

Regardless of the unwanted interactions and sweat comments, I still make it to the gym every weekday and I’m proud of myself for that.

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