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Long Time, No See

Ok, so it’s been a while since I posted anything but that’s because not too much has been going on. But one thing I did do was go to Curves to join. Yeppers. I’m all set up and am going to have my first workout on Tuesday since Monday’s a holiday. I’m planning on working out Monday through Friday every week. I was kind of scared to go join because, as I’ve said, my legs are pretty weak and I was worried I wouldn’t be able to stand long enough for them to go through their spiel. But when I got there we sat at a table and went through paperwork. I then had to stand to have a fitness evaluation and to look at their machines. But I made it! And, like so many things in my life, I worried for nothing. I’m actually kind of excited to get started because I’m looking forward to seeing my body transform as I lose the weight.

Curves is an all female gym that focuses on circuit training. You workout on one machine for thirty seconds then move to a “recovery platform” where you walk or jog for thirty seconds, then onto another machine for thirty seconds. You go around the circuit twice and it takes thirty minutes to finish. Once I build up some stamina I’m planning on doing the circuit four times for an hour long workout.

So that’s been the excitement around here. Oh! I almost forgot. While driving home the other day a woman and a little boy approached my car at a stop sign. I rolled down my window and she explained that she had just moved into town and she had a baby at home but she didn’t have anything to feed the baby and asked if I could help her by giving her some money for formula. I felt bad for her but I literally had only a few dollars in the bank so I told her I was sorry but I couldn’t help her out. I drove away feeling bad.

I told this story to my friend who told me the same thing had happened to her AND to a neighbor of hers. Apparently this woman is a crack addict and solicits money to feed her habit, not her baby. I was mad when I heard that because I’m more than happy to help out people when I can, but dishonest people like that make it hard to know who to help. I know the best thing is to give them the item they need instead of just cash, but sometimes people need the cash. I guess I just tend to take people at face value and then I’m surprised to find out that sometimes they lie.