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Cry Me a River

on March 4, 2014

Disclaimer: I fully agree that the paparazzi are out of control and need to be reined in somehow.

I am sick of stars moaning and groaning about the paparazzi. Probably 95% of actors in this world toil away in anonymity so if you don’t want the media to hound you, move to Omaha and act in the community theatre. I guarantee you that there will be no Hollywood photographers waiting at the stage door to snap your picture. YOU made the choice to be famous and you make a ton of money as a famous person. You have enough money to remain famous but move out of Hollywood. There are stars who live in other states and fly in to LA to work. There are certain public places that are infamous for having the paparazzi hanging out waiting to get a photo or an interview. AVOID THOSE PLACES! The fact is, in order for you to remain famous and make the ridiculous big bucks that you do, you need a certain amount of press. So move to a big ranch in Montana and only go to LA when you want to plug a movie or be seen for the publicity. It’s not that hard to figure out.

I’m even tired of them complaining about how it affects their kids. That’s right, I said it. Again, I think it’s pretty sleazy the lengths the press will go to to get a picture of a star’s beloved child. But life is all about choices and if you don’t like the results, make different choices. Move out of LA. Stop doing things that make you famous. What? You say you don’t want to move and you would whither away without the fame? Then how about not having children? Who gets everything they want in this life? Life is full of compromises and difficult decisions. Prioritize your life and quit crying to us about how terrible your life is because of some photographers.

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