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Decorate Your Life

on January 24, 2014


One of my three mantras for 2014 is “decorate.” My goals for this year so far are to paint the living room and hallway, paint the small bathroom, and hang all the pictures in the living room and hallway. I’ve been having fun looking at paints online. I think one of the smartest things they’ve done in the past few years is to make available small sample sizes of the paint. A little less than $3.00 and you can get a much better idea of what it will look like on your actual walls than from a little paint swatch on a small piece of paper. I know that what I see on my monitor and what the paint actually looks like might be two different things so I’m planning on ordering a couple of the shades of each color in the sample size.

I have to select a brown shade for the living room and hallway. It’s going to be a fairly dark brown which I know might make the room a little dark (and the hallway even darker than that) but I’m willing to take the chance. I want a deeper brown to really set off the turquoise accents. I’ve found a shade that I think might work and you can see it HERE. It’s named “Hot Chocolate” which I think is a sign because I love chocolate.

Another paint I need to choose is turquoise. I have some accents to paint turquoise for the living room and then I’ll use the same turquoise on the walls in the kitchen when I get around to painting that (the walls will be turquoise and I’m going to paint the cupboards white). I’ve also found a shade that I think will work. Take a look HERE.

So the living room will be brown with turquoise accents, my kitchen will be turquoise with white cupboards, the small bathroom will be white (it’s decorated with bright pink flamingos), the front bedroom will also be white (I have lavender bed linens and curtains), and the master bedroom and bath will both be aqua. Let me tell you, looking at samples of both turquoise and aqua can make you crazy after a while.

Ultimately I want to have laminate wood floors installed in the living room/hallway and in the master bedroom (which will function as a studio) and master bath. I haven’t really picked out flooring for the living room/hallway yet, but I do have something I think will work for the studio and master bath. Take a gander HERE and HERE. I think the white wood would look look good with the soft aqua walls. The flooring in the living room/hallway will be a traditional brown.

Obviously all these projects will not be done all at once or perhaps even in the same year. But I have my goals set and I plan to carry on with them. I’ve been watching the show “Knock it Off” and been getting inspired to actually get this decorating done. Not that I’ll be as creative or into DIY as they are, but it’s inspiring to see the before and after pictures of the rooms they remodel. My mother has also gotten bit with the bug and is thinking about redecorating her living room, too. I think it’s going to be an exciting year!

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