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Stop. Go. Stop.

on July 31, 2013

The city is installing signal lights to take the place of a four-way stop at an intersection near my house. The intersection has been closed for quite a while so they could widen one of the streets and put in turning lanes. Currently the signal lights are up but not operational yet so we have temporary four-way stop signs. Here’s the problem: People are idiots. I thought people had trouble at the old intersection, but now that there are four turning lanes it’s ridiculous. People either sit at the stop sign for far too long, or zoom into the intersection taking someone else’s turn.  Why can’t people get it together?

One response to “Stop. Go. Stop.

  1. Tora Jackson says:

    Amen girlfriend. I just had to reply. I heard they were thinking about making downtown Cedar Rapids stop signs instead of lights. OMG, get the body bags and straight jackets because it will driving us crazy and for all the pedestrians that will be killed by idiot drivers.

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