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on April 26, 2013


Let’s be clear about this: I HATE to exercise. Hate. It. I sweat a lot, I get out of breath easily, and it’s just not fun. That being said, I have a big European trip coming up in October and I’ve got to be able to fit my fat ass in the airline seats.

Before I had gastric bypass surgery, I was too heavy to move around very much so I lived a pretty sedentary life. That combined with a long recovery from surgery and it meant that my leg muscles atrophied and it is now difficult to walk or stand for very long. Even though I’ve lost about 160 pounds in the last year, I still struggle with leg weakness. I was in physical therapy for a while but insurance only covers that for a limited amount of time. So now I’m on my own to get motivated to get out there and walk to build my stamina and strengthen my leg muscles. Unfortunately, motivation is not my strong suit. And getting motivated to exercise? Forgetaboutit.

Once I build up some more stamina, I’m planning on joining Curves gym. I like the idea of working out with only women and I also like circuit training so it seems like a good fit for me. Then all I’ll have to do is get motivated to go to the gym! I would like to lose another 150 pounds before the trip but I know that’s a lofty goal. I’m going to shoot for it but won’t beat myself up if I don’t quite make it. One thing that’s working against me is hypothyroidism (my thyroid doesn’t secrete enough thyroid hormone). Even though I’m on replacement therapy (a daily pill), it’s still an uphill battle to lose weight because the thyroid plays a key role in metabolism.

I’ve pretty much plateaued at 360 pounds and I know that it’s going to take a lot of movement to get back on the losing train. The weather has finally kind of squared away here and we’ve had some nice days so I have no excuse to not get out and walk. And my darling fur baby, Daisy, needs some exercise, too. It’s currently 1:47 AM so I’m not going to go out and walk right now, but I have my shoes by the door ready for tomorrow!

3 responses to “Exercise

  1. Tora Jackson says:

    The real question is: O.k. it’s 9:00am, have you walked this morning??????? Love ya..Your Scrambled egg

  2. Mrs. Chili says:

    Getting started is SO hard, but once you do – and you start feeling stronger – it does get easier. Trust me, I hate to exercise, too (it’s the sweating I can’t stand), but having committed to getting started, I’m noticing changes, and that’s motivating me to keep going.

    You can do it!!

    • Tora Jackson says:

      The only suggestion that has helped me exercise regularly is that I try and do it at the same time everyday (when I come home from work), and I know by dog has to have it because he depends on me for his fitness. This get’s me into-routine-it’s 5:30pm time to walk, nothing else. Hope it helps! You might not have a dog like Angst girl and I, but just the routine thingy might be an idea to keep up the good work 🙂 Wish you continued success!!!!! Doing anything is always better than doing nothing!!! And if you are noticing changes YIPPEE!!!

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