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on April 8, 2013


Yesterday I had a meeting with some people from a local dog rescue organization about writing a monthly newsletter for them. We met at 2:30 and were finished at about 4:00. How much of that time was spent talking about the newsletter? About 10 minutes at the most. I have a very low tolerance for people wasting my time and I don’t have much to go on as far as what they want for content. Grrr. It amazes me that they would turn over something that I consider fairly important to someone they don’t know. I mean, I know one of the people involved in the organization somewhat, but not that well. Not well enough for her to trust me with their newsletter in my opinion. I mean, I know I’ll do a good job because I know what my skills are. But they don’t know if I can write and if I have adequate grammar and proof-reading abilities. Amazing. [shakes head]


On Friday I was informed by my pharmacy that my doctor wasn’t going to renew my thyroid medication because I needed to have a lab done first. Sigh. I’m on a schedule of having one lab done a year and I just had a lab done three months ago. Apparently they lost it because it’s not in their records. They did, however, find the lab I had done three months before that and it was a little out of whack. Nice to know that I’ve been on the wrong dose for six months. Generally speaking, I don’t like doctors or their nurses. I remember when you used to actually be able to talk directly to your doctor. Now it’s like getting into Fort Knox just to talk to the NURSE of the doctor. Very frustrating.


A guy I sort of dated for a brief time decades ago (wow, I’m getting old) got in contact with me via Facebook over the weekend. He said he had thought about me from time to time over the years and wondered how I was doing. First of all, I was amazed he even remembered my name. Secondly, it surprised me that he thought about me. I mean, not that he had constant thoughts of me but to even have fleeting thoughts surprised me. It just goes to show how you can impact a person without even realizing it. I often sell myself short and assume I have no influence over the people around me. But this showed me that I can make a lasting impression, and a good one at that. I have a very nice memory of a picnic with him. We had some snacks and kissed and caressed each other. It was a beautiful day and we had a great time. I don’t really remember why we stopped seeing each other but it was nothing drastic. Just one of those things, I suppose.


Well, I suppose I should get to work on the newsletter. I committed to getting the first issue out on April 15th. Not sure what the content is going to be, but I’m sure I’ll figure out something.

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