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Now for Something Completely Different

on April 6, 2013



First of all, spring has finally sprung around here! It was 69 (he, he) today and it’s supposed to be above 45 all week. Yippee! I’m actually not a big fan of spring because it smells like dirt, but this year it’s a welcome reprieve from winter.

With the nicer weather comes shorts and short sleeves so some of those expensive tattoos can be seen again. I have six tattoos currently, but am planning on getting one or two more this fall. You see, I’m taking a huge trip to Europe in October and I’m so excited I can hardly sit still. A friend and I will be flying into London then we’re transported to Oxford, England for a few days there. After that we drive to Paris where we spend a couple days. Then it’s on to Germany where we’ll board a boat and go sailing on the river through Germany for about seven days. We end up in Prague for four days and then we’ll fly home via Amsterdam. It’s sure to be an awesome trip! I’ve never been out of the US so this is quite an adventure for me. We are being very good about doing research and planning transportation and which sites we want to see. We are even paying for tickets for sites now so we won’t have the expense all at once.

One thing we’re planning on is getting tattoos on our last night in Prague. I’m going to get the Eiffel Tower on the top of my left foot and probably a little red, double-decker bus somewhere. My friend is not sure quite yet what she’s going to get. For me it was definitely true that once I got one tattoo, I wanted more and more. I try to be careful to not get too many that are readily seen because that can affect your ability to get a job. And my tattoos are mostly cartoons rather than scary or gory. I think it will be really cool to have a memento of the trip that I carry with me wherever I go.


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