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The Book

on March 31, 2013

Welcome to my little corner of blogland! I’m very happy to announce that I’ve published a book, A Life Less Lived, and it’s available on You can purchase it in the paperback edition or the Kindle edition. The book is a personal memoir about my struggles with clinical depression, sexual abuse, weight, and gastric bypass surgery. It sounds like a heavy book but you’ll be left with feelings of hope and optimism.

This blog is a further examination of these topics as well as my feelings on life and people in general.

3 responses to “The Book

  1. Mrs. Chili says:

    HEY! I’m excited about this announcement! I’m going to buy your book this afternoon, and I hope you start blogging regularly again; I’ve missed your voice in my chorus!

    • Jules says:

      Thanks! I look forward to hearing your reaction to the book. Yes, I’ve committed to blogging regularly again and reading blogs again. I took a little hiatus from both but I feel them calling to me again.

  2. Scrambled Egg says:

    I like the Add.

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